Dipti Sharma

My name is Dipti Sharma. I was born and brought up in the small and beautiful town of Ranchi. I am an advocate by profession but my heart was always into art. When I came in contact with Mrs. Smriti Srivastava ma’am my mentor, my teacher I thought of pursuing Madhubani form of art more seriously . Upon her encouragement and suggestions started my painting journey and can proudly call myself an artist. Crochet was my go to hobby to combat moments of despair and frustration. I was always fascinated by handcrafted dolls out of crochet . I learnt art of amigurumi ( art of crafting dolls by crochet) on my own by doing lots of trials and errors . So I can introduce myself as an amigurumi artist and Madhubani painter.

Avijit Nandi

My (Avijit Nandi) art journey started at my childhood with my science practical copies and projects. Then gradually I found my interest in paintings and crafting. I am a self-taught and making drawings is like a fresh oxygen to me. Society, nature and indian mythology are my favorite to work with. I love experimental works with pen and ink.